Roaming2Go USA 2 weeks

Roaming2Go USA 2 weeks

Roaming2Go USA + IL Number
Enables calls to USA and Israel Only
Sim Type

Roaming2Go USA 2 weeks

• Unlimited outgoing calls to Israel

• Unlimited incoming calls (to your Roaming2Go IL number or USA number)

• Unlimited local calls & SMS's

• Unlimited international SMS's

• Unlimited data plan including Tethering

• 14 DAYS of usage included

• Works with any unlocked phone, very easy to use  

*International calls are subject to operator Fair usage policy of a 500 minutes to Israel mobile or 1,500 minutes to Israel land line.
**Unlimited data plan fair usage policy includes 1GB of local data.

***SIM will only work in the USA



Product Documentation

Dialing Instructions (Hebrew)